What Food Burns Belly Fat?

Say good-bye to stubborn belly fat and hello to a flatter tummy. All you need to do is adjust your diet and add in some super foods that blast stubborn belly fat away. The guide below will help you get started, but just keep in mind staying hydrated, and getting plenty exercise and rest are essential for aiding in weight loss too.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are perfect for making fiber rich breakfast meals that will feel you up and stabilize blood sugar levels so you aren’t snacking throughout the morning on junk food. Fiber in oatmeal is also essential for keeping the digestive system functioning properly and pushing the waste out of the body that can sometimes cause a bloated fat tummy when it isn’t removed from the body properly.


Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are also wonderful super foods to snack on for weight loss. Berries contain high amounts of fiber, antioxidants and natural sugars that energize the body so you are more motivated to get up and moving around so pounds can be shaken right off of you. Berries also help detoxify the body from various toxins that can cause the body to gain rapidly around the belly area. Snacking on these as they are or by adding them to a cup of yogurt or oatmeal can help create a wonderful belly busting snack.


Loaded with healthy fats and proteins are avocados. These fruits help provide the body with nutrients to build strong lean muscles. When the body has strong lean muscles it is capable of burning the fat around our bellies faster. The healthy fats in avocados also help reduce physical and mental stresses in the body, which are causes of weight gain as well. The next time you need a nourishing snack slice up some avocados and eat them up or make some guacamole and eat whole grain tortilla chips with it.


Nuts such as almonds are outstanding for burning stubborn fat around the midsection. This is because they are packed full of nutrients and proteins that stabilize blood sugar levels while keeping the stomach fuller longer. It is proven diets rich in good lean sources of protein provide slimmer bellies and. Waistlines.


For along time you would hear about how unhealthy bananas are, but the truth is this fruit contains loads of fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats that help prevent weight gain and digestive issues from occurring. Bananas even help keep the mind functioning properly so depression and anxieties don’t sneak it and cause you extreme stress, which is once again a culprit of weight gain around the belly. The best way to eat bananas to receive the fat burning properties from them is as they are. The best time to eat a banana is whenever you have a sweet tooth coming on. After all bananas are much healthier than sweet junk foods that you need less of if you want to see weight loss occur.


Packed full of water for hydration along with fiber and other fat burning nutrients are watermelons. Even the seeds of these melons are packed full of antioxidants that nourish the body and provide healthy fats that can prevent the body from gaining weight. All you have to do is slice the fruit up and snack away. Some people even slice some of the juicy pink flesh up and toss it into a blender with some ice to create an ice slushy that is refreshing healthy and the perfect remedy to a sweet tooth craving.


Anytime you want to give your metabolism a healthy boost to keep it strong and healthy you should snack on some grapefruits. Keeping your metabolism in good shape also helps prevent weight gain from occurring around the midsection of your body. Grapefruits also help detoxify the body from toxins that cause waste build up. When waste build up occurs weight gain occurs giving you a bloated feeling that makes you feel fat around the belly area. The fruits also contain fiber, which is necessary for balancing out blood sugar levels so you don’t feel hungry one minute and starving the next.

Chili Peppers

You may find this bit of information interesting, but chili peppers contain particular compounds in them that help burn fat while speeding up the metabolism too. If you are trying to burn stubborn belly fat away add some chili peppers to you diet by tossing them into some healthy cuisine dishes made up of lean proteins and whole grains. Heck, make your own fresh salsa and get some whole grain tortilla chips or crackers and snack away for a nourishing healthy snack that will fill you up and blast the belly fat away naturally.


It’s true the more you eat beans the more you feel gassy, but loading up on beans helps provide the body with protein, fiber and antioxidants, which all help promote weight loss and a healthy digestive system. When the digestive system is healthy and functioning right the other systems of the body will function properly too such as you thyroid system, which needs to stay healthy in order for your metabolism to work properly and burn unnecessary fat and calories. To get beans into your diet make a three bean casserole dish or a chili and eat away. It will fill you up and keep your tummy happy without all the extra calories and fat.

End Notes to Keep in Mind for Burning Belly Fat with Foods

Other foods to consider adding to your diet that help burn stubborn belly fat away are walnuts, leafy greens, low fat dairy, fatty fish, lean protein such as chicken or turkey, peanut butter, wild rice, olive oil and coconuts. Remember to exercise daily, drink plenty of fresh water, get plenty of sleep and limit the junk food intake. Stick with whole foods and the weight around the tummy should begin to melt away in no time.






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