Weight Loss Mindset

Your mindset when dieting is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of lossing weight.  Most dieters put their primary focus on proper nutrition and exercises program as well as supplementation.  But is this really the best way to diet?

What you should seek and attain first is a solid mentality to serve as a foudnation to propel you toward your goals.

So how do you go about getting the right mindset to lose weight?  First you need to ask yourslef a frew key questions and after that write down and think about the answers.  These can be adapted over time but initially come up with your best answers so that you have some guiding principles when the going gets tough.  After that ther are a few more mental aspects that you will want to learn about in order to esnure your success.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what are your weight loss goals.  Be specidfic here.  For example, just saying you want to lose weight is a vague goal that will give vauge results  If you want specific results, make specific goals.

For example your goal may be to loose 4 inches from your waist at a rate of 1 inch per month for 4 months.  You can apply this to toher areas of your body as well such as your abs.  Maybe you want to have a noticeable 6 pack within 6 months.  Think abou tit for a bit and make it specfic.  Now write it down or type it up somewhere on your phone or computer.  This will be your desired endstate or overall goal.  Review this overarching goal every day in the morning and before you go to bed.  Adapt it as necissary but give it some time and honest effort before doing so.

Next we will do some backwards planning to reach that specific goal you made.  Let’s take the 6 pack in 6 months goal.  This may take a bit of rersearch on your part.   For instance, maybe you find out that in most men a 6 pack is visible at 10% bodyfat or less and for women around 13% bodyfat or less.  (Note, I do not know if these figures are accurate but it should suffice for a demonstration of backward planning.)

So you know your target, now you need to find out how much bodyfat you have before you get started.  There are a variety of methods to measure bodyfat percentages like using calipers in certain parts of your body or using the water displacement method.  You will wnat to find a mthod and stick with that method the entire 6 months.

Say you are a woman at about 18% bodyfat and you estimate that if you get down to 13% your six pack will show.  What you now know is that you need to lose 6% bodyfat in 6 months or 1% per month.  So if you weight 150lbs then you would need to lose 9.3lbs of fat in 6 months.  This is definately a realistic and achievable goal.  next you need to research what you need to do to achieve your goal.

In this case we need to research how to lose bodyfaty.   Of course we will likely discover many different methods of doing so but pick the top 5.  Then narrow that down to the top 3 then single out the 1 plan to lose bodyfat that you want to follow for the next 6 months.

Generally this will include both how you eat and some kind of workout program.  Ensure you wriet out specifically what you will eat and when.  Same goes for your workout program.  If you leave an aspect of these to chance, chancer are you wil not pursure them fully.

Tricks That Force You To Succeed

Now that you have hashed out specific goals and milestones for these goals lets learn some tircks that will reinforce your path to accomplishing your goals.

First write your goals down and place them somehwere you will see them daily like your mirror or fridge.  You can also make your smart phone give you daily reminders.  This will serves as a constant reminder to keep taking steps dowth thte path to success.  Keep them short in bullet point format.

Second, find a workout or diet parner.  This is easier than ever with the internet.  Ideally find a workout partner who lives near you.  Talk to eachother about your fitness goals and get a copy of theirs so you can keep each other accountable.  If you can’t find one in your immedeate area then finda  virtual fitness partner or a forum where you can share your goals and progress and be held accountable and encouraged along by many people.  If you find a virtual fitness buddy you can check up on eachother daily by phone, email, or Skype.  The method doesn’t matter, just find a way to do it and make it happen.

Third, track your progress but be patient.  The first step of tracking your progress is going to be recording where you are beginning.  This means taking a “before” picture to compare to your future “after” picture.  It may also mean steppin on the scale, recording some measurements, annotiating the time on a 3 mile run or walk.  Paint a clear picture of your starting point so that when you get to the finish line you can turn around and see how far you’ve come.  It feels good and will spur you on to accomplish more fitness goals.

  1. What are your weight loss goals?






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