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The world currently has a lot of overweight women who are always on the lookout for a weight loss program that can deliver desired results.

Many weight loss programs are advertised daily and unfortunately, they fall short of the many heavenly promises they make. The Venus Factor is probably the most recent addition to this growing list of modern weight loss programs but there are certain things that make it stand out from the rest. Outlined below is an insight into why this is so.

What is the Venus Factor all about?

The Venus Factor is a program specifically designed for women who desire to lose weight. The core of the program is the Venus Index. Determination of the Venus Index involves measuring your height, waist, and hip.

In this case, you only need to measure your height. 38% of your height is equal to your waist and therefore you can easily figure out your waist size. Your hip measurement is determined by multiplying your waist size by 1.42. Determining your shoulder measurement is achieved by multiplying your waist size by 1.618

The figures obtained from these calculations enable you to determine the Venus Index Ratio. Your body shape is in a huge way determined by three ratios:

  1. Height – waist ratio: An ideal waist should be 50% less of your height and ideally lesser than 38%. Having a bigger waist not only makes you look bad but is also not friendly for your health in general.
  2. Waist-hip ratio: An ideal waist-hip ratio should lie between 0.7 and 0.65.
  3. Waist – shoulder ratio: Ideal shoulders calculation is 0.618 of your height.

It is evident that ideal proportions are dependent on your height and everybody has a unique personal ratio. This essentially means that the Venus Factor program assists you to become the best version you can ever be without having to conform to an unachievable body type.

The figures obtained will assist you to determine your next step. In case your Venus index is higher than normal, you should lose weight. If your Venus index is low, you are supposed to gain weight. Whichever category you fall under, the Venus Factor program gives you guidelines on how to exercise and eat in order to make your goals a reality.

To achieve the Venus index ratio, you have to undergo some strength workouts that are included in the exercise manuals. If you desire a toned, firm body, muscle training is definitely the way to go. No need to worry of becoming too muscular. Overly muscular women use drugs such as male hormones and stimulants. This is not the case with the Venus Factor program.

Who is it for?

The Venus Factor program is designed specifically for women who want to lose weight. This is primarily because many weight loss programs that purport to help both women and men lose weight, don’t deliver on their promise.

The female body faces its own unique challenges that can’t be solved using similar techniques employed with men. When it comes to the Venus Factor, all you need is to be a woman in good health so as to be able to carry out the workouts.

What’s included in the program?

Apart from a guide on how to figure out your Venus index, the program entails the following:

Body-centric eating guide

This is an essential guide on the types of foods you should eat so as to achieve the ideal weight and shape you desire. It gives details to the different vitamins, herbs, and foodstuff you should consume to elevate leptin levels in the body.

Leptin is a body hormone that helps in increasing the metabolism rate. Thus high production resulting from consuming the correct foods results in increased metabolism and consequently you lose weight at a faster rate. On the other hand, low leptin levels result in low rates of metabolism and you are not able to lose much weight as you desire.

This manual will aid you in determining your daily metabolic rate and figuring out the number of calories that you should consume daily so as to lo lose weight.

Work out manual and schedule.

This manual entails a 12 week workout schedule. It comes in 3 different stages that contain the workout routines for each month. Each of the routine has a plan to follow and includes exciting features such as photos, videos and detailed explanations that ensure you do everything as it’s supposed to. It also contains links to the videos that can act as guidelines through the whole process. The Venus Factor workouts objective is to tone and sculpt body muscles and also regulate body fat.

Community membership

This will give you access to other women who are also undergoing the Venus Factor program. The community membership is an advantage for you if you prefer exercising at the comfort of your home and at the same time get some moral support from other ladies around the globe.

Besides the above mentioned, there are two more programs that are perceived as more advanced. These are:

The Venus Index Circuits

This program is considered as an add-on to the aforementioned system. The program entails six different programs that you can choose from. Each of the six programs has a duration of four months. This is probably not the best option if you are a beginner.

The Venus Index Specializations

This is a great option for you if you desire to rectify a stubborn body area that doesn’t respond as expected to exercise and probably requires a little more work. It’s important to note that in order to reap great benefits from this program, you are required to have lost any excess body weight. It would come in handy at the end of your program, just in case you have any stubborn fat deposits left.

How is the Venus Factor unique?

A lot of magazines will tell you that you are either an hourglass, an apple, a pear or a banana and that this cannot change regardless of what you do. Nothing could be further from the truth because these are fat distribution patterns.

If you have excess weight, distribution of fat may end up being asymmetrical. Another possibility is storing fat in the midsection or in your thighs, and this is genetically determined. The million dollar question is, what would be the outcome if you lost all of your excessive fat? Would the pear or apple body shape still be intact? Probably not because there would be nothing left to create that look.

The Venus Index workout program cushions you from this because its primary objective is to aid you in decreasing fat percentage in your body to optimal levels and to develop muscles, in order to come up with an ideal body shape and become the best version of yourself.

The Venus Factor program also incorporates unique and easy exercises that significantly elevates leptin sensitivity, destroy cellulite and eradicate excess fats. This program also allows you to enjoy your favorite foods such as burgers, chips etc. This saves you from the endless food cravings associated with many weight loss programs. Rather than your favorite foods making you add on some weight, this program gives you a new kind of metabolism that uses them as a means to accelerate your fat burning outcomes. Each morning you will be looking forward to step on the scale and watch the weight disappear making you able to wear the clothes you have always desired. The positive compliments will also boost your self-confidence and improve the relationships that you have and also improve the decisions that you make.

The Venus Factor is 100% natural and therefore allows you attain long term goals. The community support will essentially become a lifestyle by supporting each other whilst feeling much better socially, emotionally and physically.

The program is also age friendly. Persons of any age who are able to carry out the workouts are eligible to give it a try.

Other added benefits associated with the Venus Factor program are:

  • No plateaus.
  • Faster fat burning metabolism.
  • Fat loss in female problem areas such as thighs and abdominal area.

How much is the program?

The Venus Factor program costs a single, affordable, secure payment of $47. After this down payment, you will have direct access to everything including the Venus Immersion bonus. It would be imperative to take advantage of this bonus right away because the capacity of maximum membership is probably closing in. The program is definitely worth the price considering it costs way much less compared to a partial of one month membership in a gym.

What kind of results are people getting?

The following are reviews from different individuals who have come across the Venus Factor program:

“I was carrying out extensive research on metabolism in females when I came across something very shocking and I realized it could aid in making fat burning easier in ladies forever” John Barban– The inventor of the Venus Factor Program.

“I remember it was 2 year after Lisa got Paige, when I came across research resulting in fat loss in ladies, unlike anything I had or could ever imagine, that made Lisa shed 53 pounds of undesired fats” Lisa’s sister.

These are just but a few positive reviews regarding the Venus Factor program.

Is there a guarantee?

The amazing thing about the program is that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This essentially means that if you purchase the Venus Factor program and it happens that you are not convinced of the results within 60 days, all you need to do is return the product and you will have your money refunded.

What if I am out of shape?

Achieving the desired body shape depends on your starting point. If you are completely out of shape, you may not be able to achieve the coveted hourglass figure, but it’s very possible to get close as possible. The objective is not to look like the ladies you see on magazines, but to become the best version of yourself.

Who is the founder of the Venus Factor program and what are his/her qualifications?

John Barban is the founder of the Venus Factor program. He is a degree holder in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph. He also holds a Masters in Human Biology and Nutrition from the same university.

He also has teaching practice experience in exercise physiology at the University of Florida.

He has worked in the sports and dietary supplement industry which has made him have a hands-on approach in matters to do with weight loss and sports for the last eight years.

He has over the years played a key role in research and development of weight loss supplements.

Some of the reputable companies he has worked with are: Muscle Tech, NxLabs, Slimquick, ADS, BlueStar Nutraceuticals and Empowered Nutrition Products.

Currently, he is working on exercise programs and also researching on weight loss solutions which enables him to stay informed about the latest developments in Biomechanics and human movement.


The supplement industry has lots of weight loss programs that promise to work wonders. Chances are high that you are never going to find a solution to weight loss or muscle building if you opt to try some of them. The more you spend time reading fitness magazines, the less likely you are to get a concrete answer.

The Venus Factor program is probably the best solution to your weight loss issues. It has a lot of advantages as outlined earlier and it has been developed by a team of certified and qualified people compared to many out there that are probably operating on trial and error.

Get back in shape by getting yourself this amazing program and you are assured of getting value for your money and to crown it all, you will enjoy the ultimate benefit of being a healthier person. Get off your mark and enjoy what Venus Factor has to offer.

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