How To Lose Visceral Fat (Melting Your MOST Dangerous Fat)

You already know that obesity is a dangerous condition to have, but one of the worst kinds of fat the body can store is visceral fat (fat inside your abdomen, around your organs). This type of fat causes dangerous diseases and even death if it is not dealt with properly. And, unfortunately, getting rid of […]

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea – This Super Tea Will Surprise You!

Are you familiar with the Hibiscus flower? If you have ever been on a tropical vacation or attended a luau, you’d surely recognize the beautiful bright red petals of the hibiscus plant. As beautiful and festive as it is, this flower can be used for much more than a right pop of color; in fact, […]

Venus Factor Diet Reviews – The Leptin Secret

The world currently has a lot of overweight women who are always on the lookout for a weight loss program that can deliver desired results. Many weight loss programs are advertised daily and unfortunately, they fall short of the many heavenly promises they make. The Venus Factor is probably the most recent addition to this […]

Rowing Machine Benefits – Is it Really Better than Running?

Choosing an exercise equipment is usually a daunting task for many people due to their lack of basic knowledge in choosing an appropriate exercise machine. You wouldn’t want to choose an equipment that you can’t get the most out of during your fitness routine. Additionally, you probably don’t have a personal trainer that can guide […]

Top 6 Knee Fat Exercises

The Top Knee Fat Exercises To Add To Your Workout Program Like we have talked about on other articles, knee fat exercises alone won’t do the trick in slimming the fat around your knee area… but they do help indirectly by building muscle around your knees which makes any subcutaneous adipose tissue (the fat just below […]

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