Need To Lose Fat Around The Knees in 3 Weeks?

Do You Need To Lose Fat Around The Knees in 21 Days?

Lose Fat Around the Knees
Doing more leg extensions is a great way to help lose fat around the knees.

Loosing fat around the knees may seem like an impossible task but more than likely you simply need to clarify a few things and change your focus.  We will explore a few of these topics below and by the end of this article you should be better equipped to attack those fat knees.

Spot Reduction?

    What is spot reduction?  Spot reduction is the concept that you can lose fat in specific areas or spots.  The theory is that you can focus your weight loss goals on a certain body part.  For example some people think that if they perform many crunches they will focus lose fat from their abdominal muscles.  This would be cool if it were true but unfortunately it is not.  You must lose fat from your entire body to lose fat in specific areas.  That being said however you can improve the looks of a certain area by building more muscle in that area.

Build More Muscle To Look Better

    If you build more muscles around a problem fat area, your benefits will be plentiful.  First, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn throughout the day.  This coupled with a good diet will lead to fat loss.  Second, more muscle and stronger muscles will create more shape and even under a layer of fat can make a world of a difference in how you look.  For the fat around your knees, this can be somewhat problematic since their is not muscles directly on or on the sides of your knee.  However, we do have very large muscles directly below and directly above our knees.  The calf muscles below, and the quadriceps and hamstrings above the knees can easily be worked out at home with simple lunges, squats, and calf raises.  As your muscles grow your curves and shape will as well.  While this does not in itself cause you to lose the flab around your knee it will make it less noticeable since the form of your leg will look much nicer.

Calorie Deficit + Time = Fat Loss

Natural Weight Loss

Ever get fed up of the thousands of variations of diets that are constantly being developed and marketed as the next best thing?  Well I have some good news for you.  Nothing changes the laws of science.  Regardless of whether or not some “guru” has his or her own book on a new diet method the fundamentals apply. To lose weight you must have a caloric deficit for a certain amount of time.  Of course this amount of time will vary depending on how much fat you have to lose.  This may be over simplifying how to lose unwanted fat, but it really is that simple.  The difficult thing to do is to have the self control to maintain a caloric deficit diet for the amount of time needed to lose all the fat that you would like, but we will talk about that in coming articles.  The main part of this is to get the right nutrients for your body and then your brain will not make you feel as hungry as you normally would.  Often times the hunger signals sent to our brain are not always signals telling us to eat more but also signals trying to tells us that we need more of specific nutrients.

Stay Motivated!

Remember you did not get fat overnight so you will not remove knee fat over night either.  So be patient, it will take some time.  Also take heart in the fact that most people actually are able to lose weight faster than you gain it.  You should also document were you are starting.  Take a picture before you start your dieting and exercise regime so that as you go along you can see your progress.  Nothing is more motivating than this.  And again remember this process is slow.  If you do not take a picture you are not likely going to notice your body transformation other than whatever progress you see on the scale.  But the scale can be deceptive because you can literally stay at the same weight by losing fat and simultaneously gaining muscle and by looking at the scale feel like you are not losing any fat but in fact you may have gained some muscle that replaced that fat loss.  You can also measure fat with calipers but snapping a picture weekly or monthly is probably the easiest way to monitor your progress.

When you take your progression photos try to take them in the same place with the same lighting so that you have the best idea of gains you are making.

Knee Specific Exercise

How are you going to gain muscle specifically around your knees?  Well keep it simple at first.  Focus on the following:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Calf Raises
  4. Aerobic Walking or Running

Start with an obtainable goal and in each additional work out either complete more repetitions or decrease the amount of time your workout takes.  If you can accomplish the same amount of repetitions in a faster and faster time then you will be increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Also start with body weight if need be and get your form down well and then move on to lifting weights.  Some people, ladies especially, are concerned that lifting weights will make them appear too buff or bulky.  This is simply a myth and has no truth to it at all.  It is very difficult for a woman to gain an appearance of too “bulky” or “muscular.”  The increase in muscle will only lift areas that once looked saggy, give you more energy through out the day, and as mentioned earlier increase your caloric expenditure through out the day.  It’s a win win, so do not be afraid to build some muscle.

Implement the tips and strategies above and I have no doubt that you will be well on your way discovering that is possible to lose fat around the knees.  Good luck and keep at it!










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