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Even though the principles of weight loss and healthy living stay the same, there are always continuous and exciting new studies coming out about fat loss and we will keep you informed by discussing and posting them here as they arise.  If you have read about something dieting related in the news recently and have not seen it here, let us know and we will post it. For anyone who is in the process of losing weight or as many of us would say, attempting to lose weight, it can be helpful to keep up on the latest weight loss news.  This can give us an edge by learning about new diet discoveries or aids.  On the other hand, it can also be a massive distraction if you keep chasing after that next shiny object.  

So the best way to read these new discoveries is by finding specific news stories that you can take action on.  For instance, if a new study found out that drinking an 8oz glass of cold water in the morning can boost your metabolism by 15% for 2 hours, then make that a part of your daily routine.  Once you have formed that habit then move on to some more interesting research and keep changing your daily routine one variable at a time and before you know it you will have created a much more healthy lifestyle.

Find some way to take action on the information that you are learning and reading otherwise you will be reinforcing inaction.

Greatest and Latest Weight Loss News – Stay Updated

Are Raspberry Ketones Effective at Burning Fat?

One of the latest fads in the dietary supplement industry is the claim that Raspberry Ketones can help people burn fat and lose weight.  This may or may not be true, but as of yet the only studies that have been performed to determine this natural phenolic compound’s ability to do so have been conducted on… rats.  While it is common for studies to first be conducted on rats prior to human experimentation the results should not be assumed to be transferrable to humans without further research.

So what did the studies on rats find out?  Well according to this study Raspberry Ketone did in fact “significantly increase” lipolysis (the metabolism of fat).  So while it does appear to have some interesting fat loss and fat preventative properties, before you go buy a bottle read the studies and ensure you are comfortable with the fact that they have not been tested on humans.

Of course, a safe alternative would be to start eating raspberries daily since the ketones as well as many other healthy elements are present in the raspberries themselves.

Eat More Almonds, Lose More Weight?

Despite the fact that almonds are rich in fats, new research is showing that eating more of this delicious nut can actually help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight along with many other benefits. News

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