How To Lose Upper Arm Fat – It’s Causes and Solutions

Have you ever struggled with getting rid of your upper arm fat?  You know that nagging flab under the tricep?  In some of us it even hangs down quite noticeably and can even jiggle when we move our arms around it can be so loose.  Don’t worry if you have some chub on your upper arms, you are not alone.  We get quite a few people writing us asking us about how to lose upper arm fat.  While it is not easy to naturally reduce fat in this area (since spot fat reduction is debatably effective) there are several steps you can take to make your tricep and bicep area look more sexy again. 


What Cases Arms To Store Fat?

Most people who have flabby arms develop them because they have underdeveloped tricep muscles.  Fat under the triceps is a problem that mostly plagues women but also affects some men.

Best Upper Arm Fat Exercises

Some of the best exercises you can do to fight your arm flab are those that target your tricep.  Many people who have excess fat in their upper arm area also have under developed triceps.  By strengthening your triceps and toning them you accomplish two goals at once.

  1. You achieve a better and fuller shape.  This can even make your upper arms look better without fat loss since the muscles beneath the subcutaneous fat will make the fat appear less noticeable.
  2. You burn more calories and possible focus fat loss in this area through increased blood flow and nutrient delivery.  Although many people claim spot fat reduction is a farce, those who seriously attempt it claim that it does work.  Even though it’s effectiveness may be minimal some focused attention on our upper arms is better than none.

So we understand that the best way to target fat reduction in our arms is to really focus on strengthening, toning, and working out our triceps.  So how do we tone our triceps?  Well there are tons of exercises that will accomplish this but we want the most bang for our buck.

Exercise scientists have measured how much different exercises activate the triceps and it was discovered that the top three were:

  1. Triangle or Close Grip Pushups
  2. Kickbacks
  3. Bench Dips







2 responses to “How To Lose Upper Arm Fat – It’s Causes and Solutions”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    Hi how heavy must be weight be? Is 2kg each side sufficient?

    1. Emily Newman Avatar

      Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting It’s difficult to give exact weight recommendations because everybody has different amounts of strength. We are all at a different point in our journey! I would focus on using a weight that you can do around 5-10 repetitions with. If you are doing more repetitions than that, let’s say 10-20 or more, you are probably not using enough weight. Our goal is to really work the muscles around our upper arms, our biceps, forearms, triceps, pecs (chest), and deltoids (shoulders). Using heavier weights (with fewer repetitions) will increase the strength of the muscles underlying our fat and create better tone. Even without losing fat this area will start to look better because we grow better shape underneath the flab! Also, keep in mind your workouts should become gradually and more difficult. So if you can do 2kg each side for around 5-10 repetitions, that may become easier for you within a few weeks. That means it’s time to increase the weight. As your muscles adapt and grow stronger, don’t give them a break! Challenge them more and more and they will continue to adapt to the increased load. Let me know if this helps and good luck. Keep challenging yourself, Jessica! Also, don’t forget to workout your lower body as well, our legs are our biggest muscles so working them with squats and deadlifts burns a lot of calories during the workout and in the days following. The body is a system, don’t forget to treat it as such, even when focusing on a problem area.

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