Green Tea Health Benefits and Uses

Scientific Evidence Backed Beneftis

-Improved Brain Function

    -Stimulates Brain Activity: Green tea has some caffeine in it but not as much as coffee.  As it turns out this can be an advantage over coffee because up to a certain ponit caffeine increases brain function from reaction time, to fucus, to memory, and even mood.  However once you reach a certain point, caffein reduces brain function.  This will be a bit different for everyone depending on their caffeine tolerance but it will generally take longer to reach this point with green tea than with coffee since green tea has less caffein.

     -Anti Anxiety – Green tea has L-theanine which reduces anti-anxiety by increasing the neurotransmitter GABA.  L-theanine also elevates your alpha waves and dopamine levels.

-Fat Loss

-Boosts metabolism

-Increased fat burning

-Mobilizing fatty acids for use as energy

-lowers breast cancer risk

-lowers prostate cancer risk

-lowers colorectal cancer risk

-High Antioxidant Content: Green teas highly protective antioxidants are derived from it’s high flavonoid content.  The strongest of these flavonoids is called catechins and it is these catechins that are stronger than vitamin E and C in stopping cellular oxidative damage.

-Lowers Cancer Risk: Oxidation leads to a host of health issues including cancer so any substance that we can consume that has a strong antioxidant properties can help prevent a host of health problems.  In fact consuming green tea is linked to lowerered risk for many cancers including breast cancer, skin cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer. Adding milk to your green tea can counteract the antioxidant effect which is what lowers variuos cancer risks

-Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimers

-Improves Dental Health

-Kills Bacteria

-Reduces Bad breath

-Lowers risk of Caries

-Lowers Risk of Type II Diabetes

-improves insulin sensitivity

-lowers blood sugar levels

Helps Protect Cardiovascular system

-Prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidation

-Loweres LDL levels

-Lower triglyceride levels

-Regularly consuming green tea May reduce hypertension by 46%-65% according to a Chinese study in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

-Improves Overall Longevity

-Reduces Abdominal Fat

Topical Green Tea Beneftis

lotions and creams

for hair loss

-for acne

-for skin cancer

-for rosacea

topical green tea extract

Green Tea User Reported Benefits

Green Tea Drinking Tips

Drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day

-Let your green tea steep for 3 – 5 minutes to relase the most catechins (strong antioxidants)

-If using a tea bag, dip it in and out of your cup of tea to rlease even more antioxidants.

-Drink your tea freshly brewed. Premade green tea drinks or mixes do not possess the same antioxidant power as freshly brewed green tea.

Risks of Green Tea

Low grade or quality green tea may have high amounts of fluoride which is harmful for your health.  If you can affort it purchase organic or high quality green tea.  Just do a little research with regards to green tea and fluoride content.

-Drinking green tea can interfere with iron absorption from other foods.  If this is a concern, just drink your green tea between meals.

Green Tea Health Benefits and Uses

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