Let’s Get Rid of Knee Fat

Can You Get Rid Of Knee Fat Without Surgery?

Get Rid of Knee Fat
Learn how to get rid of knee fat without lipo the natural way. Keep reading below…

Yes, you can surprisingly get rid of and reduce knee fat without surgery.  Many people would rather take an easy way out and just get the liposuction.  Easy squeezey lemony breezy!  This is a viable option, however this option tends to make people completely overlooks what created the chub in the first place.

As mentioned in previous articles you do not get fatty problem areas, especially around the knees, without having excess fat in other parts of your body.

And most likely if you have fat above your knees, or flabby inner knees, then the fat is also clinging on to your thighs, hips, and buttocks areas.

There are underlying reasons for fat accumulation, even if you are not fat enough to be considered obese.

So we need to slim down everywhere to realistically correct this or any problem area.  It would be awesome if we could just zap that fat away from one area.

Well, actually you can with Liposuction and other methods, but it will come back right back if you neglect to alter your lifestyle.

How To Lose Knee Fat Without Lipo

So what we need to focus on to become thinner in general is diet, exercise, and reducing stress.

What?  How would reducing stress help me lose fat?

We will get to that later… but first let’s stick to the basics.

Nutrition is one of the key things you can change to begin to see results.  The number one reason Most people become fat is because of terrible eating habits.  And most of us know how to eat correctly.

Or at the very least most of us know enough about proper nutrition, that if we acted upon our knowledge we would see vast improvements.

The point I’m making is that you would probably do better to just quit reading this right now.

Seriously…..  just leave.

And go take action on what you already know you should be doing…..

Then you can come back and benefit more.

“There is no try, only do.”  – Master Yoda

But most people love knowledge without effort.  I will not lie to you I enjoy reading about fitness, health, dieting, and working out too.  When it comes to these topics in particular though, action is more important than how much you know about the topic.

For instance I’m sure you know how important it is for you to get enough water throughout the day.  A general rule of thumb is that if your urine is yellow then you should be drinking more water.

Simple, right? Sure it is! But how many people actually drink enough water on a daily basis to where they are obtaining these recommended results?  Not very many.  Simply by staying adequately hydrated you will take steps toward better health.

Use what you’ve got!

How to get rid of fat knees
You may already know how to get rid of fat knees and not even be using the strategies you already have at your disposal.

The point that I’m laying out for you, is that you probably already know enough about diet and fat loss to where you can actually begin to make significant improvements already.

You can start by upping your daily water intake right now.  Get up and go get some nice cold refreshing water.

Mmmmmm….. Water really is great, and that one glass is already helping your kidneys filter your blood better and a host of other body processes that ultimately help your finely tuned machine run correctly.

What’s that you didn’t actually get up and go get some water?

It is highly unlikely that you will ever get rid of knee fat then, because you can not apply the knowledge you already possess and take action.

Here’s another simple thing to help that I’m sure you know.  Do not eat fast food.  Simple but it is difficult to follow in our society.

Think of another simple nugget of dieting truth you know that you can apply today.  Can you think of any off the top of your head?  I’m sure you have read or heard more than a handful.

Calorie restriction.  Eat a little bit less that your body needs.  Always leave a little bit on your plate.  Once again, simple, but not always easy.  Otherwise everybody would have skinny knees.

So quit reading this looking and for easy fat reduction tips and get out there, use what you already know, and begin to melt away fat from your whole body and the knees will follow!

I recommend writing out a plan based off of what you already know.

Follow the plan for a month with one built in cheat day per week.

Prior to doing this take pictures of yourself, step on the scale, and even take measurements of your knees if you can.  This is going to give you a frame of reference to determine if you have made progress by the end of the month.

Go do this for the month, one day at a time.  This will prove to yourself that you can live a healthier lifestyle and as a result get sexier knees.After that, check back here and we will discuss more advanced strategies and resources to help you get rid of knee fat.


2 responses to “Let’s Get Rid of Knee Fat”

  1. Lola Avatar

    Trueeeee :))))))))) – So quit reading this and looking for easy fat reduction tips and get out there, use what you already know, and begin to melt away fat from your whole body and the knees will follow!

    1. Emily Newman Avatar

      Lola, I’m glad you liked that part. Writing that was not just for other people out there dealing with stubborn fat loss areas, I wrote it as a reminder to me too! I look up more information way too often as a form of procrastination. More often than not, when I Google something, I already know at least part of the solution but may not be implementing it. Focus on taking massive imperfect action. Of course, research… but take action more. This is very important when it comes to health, nutrition and looking better! We usually know some things we could do or abstain from this week to improve our health, focus doing those (or abstaining from them) consistently until they become habits then look for actions to further your progress.

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