What To Do About Fat Knees And Thighs?

Knee Fat and Saggy Knees…  Anyone who has had this problem is probably frustrated looking for answers.  Don’t worry though, where there is a will there is always a way. And you have come to a great community of people who have successfully reduced the fat around their knees.

Anyone who has an area of excess fat in the area around their knees knows how frustrating it can be to remove.  Chubby knees and thighs are not a problem area that only you are dealing with, many other people are as well.  It can be incredibly annoying and difficult to melt away knee flab because it is not located directly above a muscle.

But believe it or not… there are options to get rid of fat knees and thighs

Instead it is located above the cartilage where the bones of the upper and lower leg meet.  For the most part localized fat loss is only possible in an area surrounding muscle.  Even that is debatable but those who believe in localized fat loss agree that it is only effective around a muscular area of the body.

Fat Knees And Thighs
Fat Knees, fat thighs, and fat calves, and fat ankles can all be pesky problem areas… But it is possible to lose fat from all four!

For example, to lose thigh fat you could focus on performing more squats, dead lifts, lunges, leg extension, etc.

This will strengthen your leg muscles and bring more blood into the area, and as a consequence brings more nutrients to that area of your body and burns more calories in the area surrounding the leg muscles.

A cool side benefit of lifting moderate to heavy weight is that this caloric burning lasts hours after the you finish your lifting session.

Some people will debate the idea of spot fat loss, basically saying it is not possible and that each person’s body will lose fat as it is predisposed to.

I agree with this to a degree, however if you build muscle in thighs for example it would create better shape in your legs and make any nagging problem fat areas much less noticeable.

Even though your focus should be on systemic fat loss throughout your entire body, it is nice to be able to target your problem areas by building muscle to hopefully see results quickly enough to get you ready for a specific occasion where you may be bearing your legs.

Even with this knowledge, it  is still very difficult to get rid of nagging adipose tissue surrounding your knee.  Why?

Well, you don’t exactly have a knee muscle that you can focus on exercising to increase the tone and definition of your knee… you only have bones and cartilage there unfortunately.

So this leaves many people feeling like there is no hope.  But there is hope.  You can lose your chubby knees!

All that is needed is a change in strategy.

You need to focus on a more holistic weight loss strategy and put a focus on strengthening your calfs, hamstrings, and thi.  As you melt the fat from your entire body with a legitimate fitness and diet strategy the fat around your knees will melt away too.

Now if you are concerned about flabby knees then it is going to be beneficial for you to focus your efforts on your legs.  However, neglecting the rest of your body just won’t cut it.

So if you want to target your knee fat then focus on losing fat off your whole body through proper exercise and diet and pay special attention to strengthening your legs.

After more research into solving the knee fat problem more strategies and tips will be posted so stay tuned for more!




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