Best Back Fat Exercises To Fight the Bra Bulge

Learn How To Get Rid of Back Fat

Like other problem fat areas, it can seem nearly impossible to learn how to get rid of back fat.  Nearly every other article you read about the topic will tell you that spot fat reduction is impossible.  

We have discussed this in other articles but we will say it again… spot fat reduction is very controversial amongst the fitness crowd.  

However, if you talk to some underground bodybuilders and tap into their extensive knowledge of producing results in specified parts of the body you’ll realize that it can be done to a degree (Although keep in mind your body burns most of its fat systemically…)

This focused fat burning can be accomplished through various methods including:


  • Building Muscle in Target Area: You will want to focus on building your back muscles.  Make them stronger and more toned.  This will make your back fat much less noticeable and bothersome to you.  Not to mention it can help alleviate back pain as well!
  • Increase Blood Flow to Back: What does blood flow have to do with losing fat?  Well, if you increase blood flow to an area you are going to improve the blood’s ability to deliver nutrients to those areas.  This can in effect help “focus” fat loss in certain areas.  How can you increase blood flow to your back?  By focusing on your exercises to work out your back you will already be pumping your blood to these areas.  
  • Utilize Topical Aids: There are different topical creams, lotions, etc. that actually do help increase fat loss.  You can check out our extensive article on that here, but to sum it up there are actual studies verifying that certain substances lead to localized fat loss.  One such study use a cream with licorice in it applied to women’s thighs.  At the end of the study, they had lost a significant amount of fat and mostly from… you guessed it, their thighs.  The study only tried this on the thighs and theorized that the cream helped optimize hormones that may have attributed to the fat accumulation in the upper legs in the first place.  There is no reason this can’t be attempted with other problem areas like upper or lower back fat.
  • Back Fat Liposuction: Of course, I would never recommend this until all other methods have been exhausted.  And if you do decide to research this route, please consult several board-certified surgeons.  Ideally, talk with no less than three so you get a good overview of the risks of the procedure, get multiple quotes to save you money, and get an idea of their previous work through before and after back liposuction photos.
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Another great motivation for getting a strong and sexy back because it can not only help alleviate and prevent back pain problems but it also make you look better by making your waist appear slimmer.

Best Back Fat Exercises

One of the ways you can get your back ready for those summer backless dresses and for the bikini at the beach or pool is to focus on toning the muscles in your upper and middle back.  And do not forget to do some lat exercises as well.

Many people neglect working out their back which not only affects their appearance but can also cause poor posture and back pain down the line.

Focus on strengthening your back and shoulder muscles and reap the benefits of a more erect posture as well as making your shape more attractive by making your waist appear slimmer.

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Back Fat Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most common questions we have received at about back fat.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the article above or in these questions be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.  Also if you have any advice or tips for losing back fat please share them with the rest of us!  Where all in this together.

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