Alternative Cancer Treatments – Tips for Healing Cancer Naturally

Educate Yourself On Your Options for Healing

Start reading about other people who have already healed their cancer and take notes.  Find the common themes they all took and write them down.  This helps you re-enforce the steps you need to take for your path toward healing.  The more you dig into this subject the more you will be amazed at how many people have overcome cancer and are living healthily after receiving scary diagnosis.  There are many examples and resources for you to check out.  Learn as much as you can but here are a few to get you started

  1. Cancer Free – By Bill Henderson : A guide to more natural and non-toxic healing alternatives to chemo, radiation, and surgery.  The focus on this guide finding the cause of the various cancers and then developing a plan based off the root cause of the cancer.  For example, did you know that dental problems such as root canal teeth can lead to cancer?  You would be surprised what often causes cancer in people and many of these catalysts are often ignored.  Bill’s wife passed away from cancer and he made it his life mission to learn the true causes of cancer and provide people the best fighting chance of healing it.
  2. Cancer, Nutrition & Healing – By Jerry Brunetti : Jerry was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma which he has learned to treat through nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, and more.  The above film shares what he did to improve his health naturally.  Here is also an interesting interview he did with Dr. Mercola.
  3. Kris Carr – Kris Carr has several resources for healing cancer including a powerful documentary that you can learn about on her website.  She was diagnosed with an incurable very rare stage 4 type of cancer.  She was basically told there was little she could do but enjoy the rest of her time on earth.  After the shock subsided she decided to ignore that advice and learn what she could do in improve and focused on that.  Years later her cancer is actually shrinking significantly.


Epigenetic’s is a relatively new branch of genetics that is exploring how people’s choices are turning on and turning off certain genetical expressions, including cancer genes.  Here’s a quick video by NOVA on the topic to get you started.

Bill Henderson’s 5 Root Causes of Cancer

  1. Weakened Immune System
  2. Lack of Cellular Oxygen Uptake
  3. Excess Toxin Buildup
  4. Acidity
  5. Nutrient Deficiencies

None of these five main causes of cancer adequately addressed via traditional medicines goto fixes of radiation, chemo, or surgery.  At times surgery can remove tumors but it does not address the growth of the cancerous tumor in the first place.  Radiation and chemo sometimes kill off the cancerous growth throughout the body but do nothing to treat the conditions that created the cancer in the first place.  In fact, they often weaken deplete the bodies immune system which makes it much easier for the cancer to come back later.

If this is the case then why are most medical Doctors so quick to recommend traditional cancer treatments?  Unfortunately it is because these traditional cancer treatments make the medical industry a lot of money and validate the way that western medicine has been doing business for years.  They make money by treating symptoms or by the bandage approach to medicine.  It would be much more effective if they took a more holistic approach and focused on the causes of cancer as  a foundation for treatment.

Cancer Healing Tips To Consider

  1. Beta 3-D Glucan Immune Boosting Supplement
  2. Raw Organic Diet – No processed food, meat, sugar, and very little cooked food
  3. Budwig Protocol
  4. Vitamin C and Green Tea Supplement
  5. Barley Powder Supplement
  6. Dr. David Williams Daily Advantage Vitamins
  7. HcG Urine Test for monitoring your cancer healing
  8. Drink Alkaline Water
  9. Drink Essiac Tea : Tea Packets by Flor-Essence
  10. Look into reflexology
  11. Meditate
  12. Pray
  13. Positive Affirmations
  14. Rebounding (Jumping on a Trampoline) – Helps clean out the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system relies on your bodies movement to move lymphatic liquid through out it.  This is one of the many reasons why exercise is so important because it aids the lymphatic system in removing toxins and fighting viruses.
  15. Sweat As Often As You Can : Use exercise and saunas if possible
  16. Use Natural Deodorant : Especially don’t use anti-persperant deodorants since they block your sweat glands.  You want to sweat because this is one way your endocrine system extracts certain toxins.
  17. Cleanse your Colon : Can use enemas for a do-it-yourself method or hydrocolon therapy.

 Natural Cancer Healing Methods

  1. The Gerson Method :

Additional Cancer Healing Resources

Green Drink Diaries






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  1. Emily Bennette Avatar
    Emily Bennette

    It is interesting to see different types of cancer treatments. You normally only see or hear about the major ones. Still, I think it might be smart to ask your doctor about combining some of these natural and diet-related treatments with the more mainstream ones.

    1. Emily Newman Avatar

      Emily, I agree with you. It is worth a try to utilize some natural treatments, however I would always consult with a Doctor while or before doing so.

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