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Knee Fat is a Strange Thing to Make a Website About!

Why would we do that?

Disgusting knee fat!  That’s why!  I had accumulated some jiggly knee flab in the area where my upper and lower legs meet one another… and frankly I couldn’t stand it anymore!  I had enough!

It was time to do something about it!

And I wanted to do it without knee fat surgery!

So this website started out as my journey to wage war against knee fat! However it morphed into to something much larger than that.  I realized that health and fitness was not just about tackling problem fat areas but about a new way of living.  

I am now striving to see health and beauty as a way of living rather than a bag of tricks.  That being said I still love learning about and trying health hacks, so I share a ton of those here!  However I alway attempt them as small pieces in my overall strategy toward wellness.

How are we going to do it?

I explore different fat tissue problem areas as thoroughly as possible.  Searching for the causes and the solutions so that we can hopefully get rid of the stubborn fat naturally and healthfully.

The site’s goal is to is clearly define what problem fat is and where it comes from.  We will also write about how the flab builds up and why it does. 

More often than not this not an easy and clear cut answer.  And for each person the answer will be a little different.  So hopefully we can all figure out how to diagnose our own fat problems and prescribe a slimming solution that will actually work, even if we have to figure out some methods that do not work along the way. 

And hopefully the pounds melted away will last due to a changed and healthier lifestyle.

So enough talking, let’s do this!


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