Two Important Knee Fat Tips

Two Killer Knee Fat Tips You Have Never Heard Of….

2 Knee Fat Tips To Lose Stubborn Fat
Follow These Two Knee Fat Tips to Lose Fat In Stubborn Areas.

It is always nice to have a few tips to keep in mind to help you to lose knee fat in addition to the theory and strategies that we discuss elsewhere on the site.  With that said, below are two knee fat tips that you should begin focusing on to start losing the chub today.

1.) Optimize Your Hormones to Lose Your Knee Fat

When your hormones are not ideally balanced it is practically impossible to have optimal health and energy and almost impossible to lose fat and keep it off… especially from problem areas like your fat knees and thigh fat.

The study of your bodies entire hormonal system is known as endocrinology.  Our endocrine system is responsible for the proper functioning of many different systems within out bodies from our metabolism, sex drive, mental health, energy levels, and many more.

Many people have stubborn excess fat because they have excess estrogen levels.  Why would this be?  Well your hormonal balance a complicated and delicate system that relies on synchronicity to function properly.  You have many different types of hormones of varying levels flowing through your body and they all affect one another.

You can read books and books on your endocrine system because it’s a very delicate and complex system where a slight imbalance in one hormone can throw the rest out of whack.  I suggest you at least do enough research into it to develop a decent understanding of what causes excess estrogen and what changes to your diet and workout regiment you can make to counter unhealthy levels of estrogen.  Head over to to hear from a true expert on hormone optimization, but for now we will keep things simple with some tips for achieving hormonal balance.

Below are two great videos (quite extensive) of Mike discussing this topic if you would like to learn more.

Mike Mahler’s Talk On Hormone Optimization – Part 1

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Mike Mahler’s Talk On Hormone Optimization – Part 2

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– Main Causes for Hormonal Imbalances

Most people living on a western diet and living the typical western lifestyle have excess estrogen. In men, this often causes fat deposits to accumulate around their chest and belly areas.  In women, too much unhealthy (unnatural) estrogen tends to cause fat to accumulate mostly in their thighs and buttocks area and as their body’s make produce less of their own healthy estrogens the fat accumulation will shift to their abdomen area.

There are exceptions to this of course, but I believe that since knee fat mostly affects women, that it is often due to too much bad estrogen causing fat to accumulate in the upper legs.

Unhealthy estrogen can come from consuming too much soy which contains isoflavons that convert to unhealthy estrogen in your body. In fact, much of the food we eat contains pesticides and hormones which also convert to dangerously high estrogen levels.  Not only does this lead to the annoying sight and feel of flab on our bodies, but it also contributes to the slow growing dangers of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes which have been linked to excess estrogen.

So even beyond cosmetic reasons, this is something we really should get a handle on as soon as possible.

Beyond our diets, stress is another major cause of excess estrogen.  More will be written about this at a latter time, but for now try to implement all of the following:

  1. Cut out the soy.
  2. Eat as much organic food as you can afford.
  3. Find a healthy way to effectively deal with your stress levels.
  4. Get adequate amounts of deep sleep each night.

2.) Build More Muscle to Lose Knee Fat

What does building muscle have to do with losing fat?  Everything!  In fact, building muscle can also help to optimize your hormone levels.  Not only that but the more muscle you have the more energy your body will consume on a daily basis.  But wait there’s more!  Having more muscle and strength is simply beneficial toward everyday life.

As you age you begin to lose muscle and exercising in a way to gain muscle helps stave of aging.  It can help you age gracefully and healthfully but also make you look and feel better as well.  The basic tenants of building muscle include proper nutrition, adequate rest, progressively more difficult exercise.

– How to Build Muscle

Your muscle building exercise should focus on weight lifting and calisthenics.  These are the quickest and most effective way to build muscle.  And you don’t have to worry as a woman that you will get to “big.”  Focus on building strength because in turn your hormones will balance out a bit you will burn more fat and have more energy over all.

There are plenty of places online where you can find a workout plan.  Just make sure it is doable at your current level of fitness and has a goal.  Stick to the same plan for at least a month.  Then adjust your plan or try a new one.  Your body will generally adapt to a workout within a month by gaining strength and then reaching a plateau so you need to change it up after a month to keep your body guessing and therefore adapting.

– Simple and Progressive

Main points, make it doable and simple but progressively challenging.  Each week should be more difficult through either more weight or more sets and reps at the same weight.

Even more important than that just pick something and start doing it, the emphasis being on doing.  Your knee fat will never go away unless you start doing!







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